I didn’t know what it was but I felt it

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What are the people you have around like?

How do they feed your soul?

On this day I felt something welling up from deep inside of me.

I didn’t know what it was but I felt it.

We arrived at the beach and I left my friends and walked, well more like stomped and stormed, my way to the end of the beach.

Here I proceeded to let out a massive roar of grief and sadness. I punched and kicked the sand. I let myself feel it all.

I sat and cried for a while and watched the ocean.

As I walked back to my friends I found this shell on the beach. Being a cancerian I thought of course.

When I reached my friends they didn’t ask me if I was ok. They didn’t try and comfort me. They didn’t do anything but be them.

They knew I had me. That they didn’t need to do anything for me.

And I knew I had the safety to express whatever I needed to express without them worrying it might be about them or needing to fix it.

Do your friends give you that feeling of safety?

The feeling where no matter what you are experiencing they have got you.

If you need to be held they will hold you.

If you need to scream they will stand beside you while you let it all out.

Do you regularly assess the friends in your circle?

Not in a conditional love way but in a way that you know your soul is being fed and not drained.

Do you understand that the people who have access to you most of the time have a large effect on your life?

Connection is so important for humans and having the wrong connections can have a strong impact on you and the life you live.

If you are spending your days feeling unloved or lonely or sad I invite you to look at your inner circle.

Yes everything starts with ourselves and what we feel can come down to our own choices but having the right team cheering you on makes everything 100% better and easier.

Xo S

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