Do what you love

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When I say you get to do all the things you want to do – I mean it.

Remember it’s your choice though.

You don’t have to turn everything into a business if you don’t desire to.

Just because you like painting does not mean you have to sell them.

Just because you like running does not mean you have to do a marathon.

Just because you speak light language does not mean you have to communicate with the galactic federation.

Just because you like writing does not mean you have to start a blog or write a book.

Sometimes it’s good to keep passions as passions.

I feel for the people who behind closed doors are saying they don’t actually want to do what they are doing but they are doing it because it is what others want or expect from them.

I feel for the people who are so good at pretending they want to do something just because it makes other people happy.

Leaving themselves behind.

Yes they enjoy the things they do when they do them for themselves but now others expect so much more of them.

Find your own way.

It doesn’t need to be like other peoples way.

Speak your truth.

If it’s not what you truly desire then say so.

All styles of dreams and wishes are relevant.

Every single human on this planet and what they want is relevant.

Don’t let what someone else is doing take you away from that.

And if you choose to give something a go and it doesn’t work out, don’t beat yourself up.

Find something else and begin again.

Starting again is only scary in our minds, once you put your foot over the starting line that fear will subside.

Xo S

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