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A sirens call

Can make you forget it all

The sweet melodies enveloping your body, mind and soul

She calls, she beckons

She sings you in.

You drink in all that she is offering

Diving into a world of mystery

She tantalizes your tastebuds

Filling your heart with all the dreams unspoken

She was not designed to live a solitary life

And so she beckons you

Into the depth of the oceans

For she loves the depth and despises the shallows

And she knows you feel the same

She wants to devour you with her love

Weaving the threads of desire into every movement of her aquatic body

Will you dive to the depths with her?

Can you handle the ebbs and flows of the infinite vastness that is her home?

Are her towers of magic and siren songs welcome in your world?

Can you hold her as her bones break into a million pieces as she transforms?

Her perception is beyond that of your knowing, can you hold space for her in her visions?

While others feel lured to their death you feel lured into life.

She knows it, she feels it

And so she beckons you.

A song like none other

And that song is yours.

The tender touch of her hands as she caresses your soul fills you with healing.

Yes those hands that can hunt can also heal.

As you surrender to her touch she makes the meaning of the word Love come alive.

Xo S

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