Tag: sexual assault

I was that person

It saddens me when I see people celebrating how they don’t let anyone in. Or they are done with humans/men/women. It saddens me because I was that person. It saddens me because I still fight that programming sometimes. The thoughts of should I be sharing in this connection or will they just leave me like

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Revisiting my old self

The other night I thought to myself, after hearing numerous times about all the stuff I used to do, that I would give old Shannii a rerun. The Shannii who didn’t speak up and just people pleased because it was just easier. Except this time it wasn’t. And I realized how often I used to

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Do you think women should dress modestly?

Have you ever considered that you stating women should dress modestly or cover up etc or she is asking to be assaulted, raped or whatever sexual act may occur, may in fact be a part of your protective mechanism or that it gives you a false sense of safety? As if, in some way, if

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