My experience means something

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Today my Coach told me I was taking the easy way.

And as soon as she said it I knew she was right.

The easy way means I get to stay in the idea of helping people without actually causing someone pain.

What if I say the wrong thing? What if what I say causes someone pain?

These things I have experienced in my life haven’t been easy. Not to experience and definitely not to navigate healing through.

I want to ensure I have the tools and training to help me be able to guide others through their own paths.

I’ve been through many teachers.

Ultimately it’s the ones who understand the path I’ve had to navigate that are the ones who were able to help me find my own magic.

They were the ones who taught me the tools I now regularly employ to help me through the moments of pain or separation.

Because it’s easy to read books and learn tools. Anyone can find information.

However it’s the real, lived experience that gives the true understanding.

Someone who has experienced the depths of depression and feeling suicidal would never tell you to just ‘think better thoughts’ or ‘just be happy’

Someone who has experienced the pains of abuse wouldn’t tell you ‘all you have to do is choose differently’

Someone who has been raped and sexually abused would never tell you to dress more appropriately or watch who you talk you.

It’s scary to take those first steps towards healing.

It’s scary to leave behind everything that has come to feel familiar and take steps towards something that feels lighter.

Once those glimmers appear to show you that you are worth so much more though, you realise it’s the baby steps forward that move you away from the pain behind you.

The pain can be left behind.

You won’t regret starting the journey I know this much.

Xo S

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