People are people through people

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People are people through people.

This is a quote from the book Tandia by Bruce Courtney. Which is the follow up story to The Power of One.

And it truly got me pondering.

If a different version of ourselves exists in every single person we ever come into contact with, then how do we truly know who we are?

I am who I am because of the people I have encountered throughout my life.

Every person I meet is who they are due to the people they have encountered.

And so on and so forth.

If I encountered different people on my journey I therefore could have been a very different person.

This brings me to extremes of people like the serial killers and rapists. What was it in them that saw different versions of themselves in people that made them commit their crimes?

What would it take for any human I’ve come across to meet any kind of violent extreme?

What would it take for me to reach it?

Do I have the capability to be that?

Without people, are we even people? Who are we truly?

If we respond according to how we desire to be seen can we change the future?

If we Love when it’s entirely possible to hate can we change the human race for the better?

If every time we meet someone we remind ourselves that people are people through people will it change how we respond to those we have an altercation with?

Will we even have altercations anymore?

Or will we all just continue walking our own paths and allowing everyone to have their own experiences?

Will we feel safe the more we think these thoughts?

Will safety actually be possible?

What does people are people through people mean to you?

What does that statement evoke within you?

Xo S

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