Loving my body- No I haven’t always.

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Just a reminder – I used to HATE my body.

I used to feel that it was just an object for me to use for their (mens) pleasure and if I didn’t want it then I would get hurt.

So I never said no.

And so I hated my body.

I did not look at her with Love.

In fact, I didn’t look at her at all. And when forced to I would cry.

And so when well meaning people give me their weight loss tips now I see it from them feeling they are helping, and I let it go.

They do not know the lengths I’ve traveled to love being in my body as much as I do now.

They do not understand how freaking epic it is that I don’t look in the mirror anymore and think of all the things I could fix.

And the less I care about that stuff, the better my body feels.

And I notice the small changes that begin with my mind.

I have been almost 90kgs and I have been down at 55kgs.

Weight is just a number for me, and I don’t know how much I weigh right now.

But when I walk past a mirror I now check myself out instead of hating myself and sending daggers with my gaze.

And that’s all that matters to me right now.

I am a masterpiece of my own creation. You don’t have to like me, because I love me.

(Most of the time 😛) Full disclosure: I have my moments but the good far outweigh the bad these days.

Xo S

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