Isn’t human attraction fascinating?

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Human attraction has always fascinated me.

I’ve always loved how we all find our own things that we are attracted to.

Forgetting all the masc/fem stories and games and rules and what not that float around.

I’ve always been an energy type person.

I’ve had crushes on those who were considered the ‘hot’ guys but the guys I was actually interested in did not follow that stereotype.

Some women are attracted to a man in a suit and tie while that’s the biggest turn off for me. Give me a man who can do the work out in the elements anyday over a man who works in an office.

Some women love it when a man puts his arm behind her head rest to look behind to reverse a vehicle. For me that means he can’t drive if he can’t reverse using his mirrors after being with a truck driver for 14 years. So that’s an instant turn off for me.

I’ve just never really had a ‘type’ that I aimed for. And if I lined all my ‘exes’ up in a line that would be obvious.

So I’ve always had a giggle when people have said everyone always likes the good looking ones.

Because for me, and we said it in our vows, I way prefer the weird and wacky and interesting over a perfectly chiseled, ticks the boxes of the magazine hottest 100 list, type guy.

I see the truth of people. Kind of like Shallow Hal I guess you could say.

I don’t notice the things other people do about someone.

When I first hooked up with my hubby people made the comment “but what about his eye isn’t that weird?” And I was like I don’t even notice it. Because why would I? And when I mention that to people around me these days their response is usually “what I don’t really notice it either.”

Peoples personalities make them far more attractive to me than their physical appearance ever will.

And I’m grateful that I have that ability.

Most of my exes rode motorbikes though, maybe there is something in their energy that says this to me 🤣

What is something you notice about people, outside of appearance, or maybe different in appearance to what others may deem attractive?

Xo S

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