Attached to your beliefs?

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Aren’t identity attachments interesting?

I love witnessing them play out, in myself and in others.

The most recent one really fascinated me.

With all the covid stuff happening there has been a lot of “this is right, that is not” type stories happening.

There was this woman who is all about being the light, who caught covid.

Now most of the stories I have seen are about the vibration of covid being blah blah and if you aren’t at that vibration you can’t catch it etc

However, this woman after catching it decided that only those who are doing the work, in the light, however you want to refer to it, are going to catch it because they are then able to use that frequency.

So I found it totally interesting that, and this is just my perspective of course, she is so attached to her ‘identity’ that the idea that her vibration could have lowered to catch this illness just was not in her field at all. Or that it actually had nothing to do with vibration…

She could be right, and she may not be, we will never truly know.

Do I believe some people have caught it so they can show that all that’s needed to beat it is good health? Yes.

And myself and my whole whānau have now had it. None of us died. None of us even had a bad experience. And 2 of us have asthma as well.

Do I believe that only those with a high vibration can catch it, no I do not.

Anyone with a body can catch an illness.

It’s about how you treat the illness that matters.

I had my identity attached to being a cancer survivor for a long time.

It gave me value.

Nowadays I often forget the events that have taken place over the years.

Those events are only a part of me, they don’t make me who I am.

Are you able to separate who you are from what happens to you or for you?

Can you let your identity drop for even a second to perhaps see things from a different angle?

Perhaps even try on some different identities.

Did you know that from the day we are born we are being programmed to fit in?

So it’s completely understandable to feel uncomfortable when you are trying out things that aren’t considered ‘the norm’.

What can you do today that your future self will say “wow, that was so awesome when you did that, it really shifted everything”?

Xo S

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