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If you had asked me 10 years ago what I think people might remember me for I never in a million years would have thought someone would think of the word Sovereignty when it came to me.

For years I gave away the power over myself to everyone else.

You want to have sex with me, go for it.

You want to tell me what I should be doing, go for it.

My opinion doesn’t matter, ok cool I won’t continue sharing it then.

The list goes on…

How often have you given away the power over yourself?

How often have you put your needs aside because someone else’s needs were more important?

How often have you changed what you wanted to do or who you wanted to be to fit with what someone else chose instead?

This gets to stop now.

Claim back your sovereignty.

I didn’t even realize that is what my journey was leading me down the path of and I thank the beautiful soul who spoke it into words for me.

I am a sovereign being now.

I own all of me and have the full right and power over myself and I refuse to ever let anyone take that away from me again.

Anything that happens in my future will be because I chose it. I chose to surrender, I chose to accept, I chose to participate, I chose to ignore. I chose.

I might choose to give you power over me, but you will never take it from me without my choosing it.

Always looking towards the stars while keeping my feet on the ground. 📸 @caitlynrosetaylor

I am the ruler of my own Queendom and my Queendom is my body, my temple, my human suit.

I love her and respect her now.

Do you feel the same about your temple? What would it take for you to feel this way?

Xo S

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