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When I was on a call to discuss about becoming a facilitator for a collective there was a moment that bought tears to my eyes.

That moment was when she was describing the moment someone is coming out of their darkness and we get to witness that freedom in their eyes, the realization that they were never broken, that thought of I truly am free.

As she spoke into this I felt tears well in my eyes.

Because I know that feeling and it gives me the utmost joy to envision witnessing people come to this realization themselves.

Witnessing them remember the truth of the beautiful human they are – despite the traumas and pains, despite the little voice in their head that’s told them they aren’t good enough, despite it all, they are an infinite beautiful human being.

Tell me something more beautiful than witnessing remembrance?

And so the surrendering of this year has led me here.

To a point where I not only get to remember who I am but I get to witness others as they remember the beauty and magic of who they are.

And my heart couldn’t be happier.

Xo S

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