And she has risen

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From the ashes of the fire she rose

She had journeyed into her heart to retrieve the pieces of her soul that had been fragmented.

Healing all that wasn’t hers to hold. Releasing the demons that plagued her inner most being.

She embraced the pain, she embraced it for all that it meant. For all the pain she had endured meant she was still alive.

She was always alive, connected to all that is. She just hadn’t realized it herself yet.

Now unstoppable in her commitment she flows into this life of empowerment.

Ready to emerge as the goddess she had forgotten she was.

From dust she came and to dust one day her body will return.

But her soul, her soul is eternal. So much love to give. So much love to share. Infinite in presence, calming in nature, no desire to be anything or anyone other than the stars and the moon and the sun and the sky.

She may have forgotten for a while but she remembers now.

Xo S

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