Loving my inner child

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My wounded inner child visited me the other evening.

All my stories came up.

Im not worthy

Nobody chose me

Am I not good enough

Nobody likes me

Blah blah blah

And I was in shock for a moment

After all, I’ve done so much inner child work how could there possibly still be wounding there?

On a conscious level I know the amazing caring loving person I am.

So I lent into that wound to see what was really there for me.

And what was there was that I’ve always got myself, even when it seems others dont, I do.

And I get to trust. Trust that what and who is for me, is for me.

And the minute I relished in that thought, someone else did have me.

In learning to trust in myself and know that I am safe and loved no matter what I ended up being gifted the trust of having someone else to surrender to.

That’s just one example of leaning into a wound and what can happen on the other side of it.

Where can you lean into surrender and trust a bit more in your life?

Xo S

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