No shame lives here anymore

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Shame is a killer of pleasure.

Who has felt shame when it comes to their own personal body parts?

For me, I felt shame around my body because it had been used and abused and I felt like it was my fault.

The day that I started journeying with my body and releasing guilt and shame around it was the day my life and pleasure changed.

Our bodies hold so much personal power for us. We get to love and appreciate that.

As women we literally birth from our bodies. Do you realize how much power that holds? And even without birthing a child we birth so much. So every woman is a mother in some form.

Yet because of some comments from men, or from media influencers we are left feeling guilt or shame around how our body looks if it doesn’t look like the photoshopped person in a magazine?

Fuck that!

We get to start letting go of the shame around our bodies.

You deserve PLEASURE! Not shame or guilt. Claim it!

If we can’t own our own pleasure and feel it how can we expect anyone else to give it to us either?

Xo S

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