Who am I?

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She is a dreamer who sees the best in everyone and inspires others to see the best in themselves.

She is sunshine on a cloudy day.

She isn’t afraid to work hard to achieve her goals and can be as stubborn as a bull.

She has a heart of gold but isn’t afraid to speak her mind if she is angry so don’t ever mistake her kindness for weakness.

She has a solid heart of forgiveness and has worked on moving forward even from those she felt wronged her.

She is smart and yet doesn’t always show it, and sometimes doesn’t always believe it either.

She is a loyal friend who isn’t afraid to hold the fort for those who need her.

She carries a lot of responsibilities but knows she is strong enough to carry any weight on her shoulders, and now knows how to ask for help when she needs it.

She has remembered what it truly means to have tribe around you.

She has been afraid of leadership, feeling that it meant to be someone she isn’t, yet she has discovered that she is more of a leader by being herself, and the more she trusts her intuition the harder it is to fool her.

She laughs and cries too because she knows that life is about all of it.

She has no space for drama queens or drama anything in her life.

She will wrap you up in a warm embrace with her mind, body and soul.

She will never give up hope, no matter how dark times can seem.

She has overcome a lot to become the woman that she is today.

She no longer sees the sadness that used to linger behind her gaze.

She is a soul artist transferring the magic uniqueness of your soul onto a canvas channeled with love, reverence and infused with reiki.

She believes in herself.

She is the embodiment of all that she ever desired to be.

She is love

She is honor

She is openness

She is trust

She is Me

Xo S

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