Happy, free and naked

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If you had told me that I would be this happy and free in public naked a few years ago I would have said yea right that will never be happening.

@comfortableinmyskin on Instagram

Boy how much I’ve changed in mindset and love for myself.

While we were standing there naked on this day a mum walked past with a few children in tow.

And Ellie turned around and apologized.

Makes sense to apologize right? Nudity is bad, don’t do it in public, you should be hiding your body, and all the other things we are taught about our bodies.

But the women’s response was the most heartwarming I’ve heard in a long time.

She said “don’t apologize I think it’s beautiful”

And I thought about how many more women like her I would love in this world.

That women’s comment will forever be in my heart and the advocating I’m doing.

You go to places such as Europe or Mexico etc and it’s completely normal to at least see women topless if not nude. It’s no big deal. Children playing on the beach right next to half naked or naked women and no one cares.

Post something on social media however and everyone is worried about it being inappropriate viewing.

Or even breastfeed your child in public and it’s horrible.

And it always makes me wonder why it has become such a big deal in what are apparently the more developed countries?

And I guess I’ve always had an aversion to this way of thinking too.

Even when I didn’t love my body the way I do now I still wanted to rebel against the rules.

I remember walking through a shopping centre while breastfeeding my son and laughing because so many people were giving me dirty looks. I never used a blanket to cover me. Restaurant tables you can bet I fed my son while eating dinner, dirty looks and all.

That was such a long time ago I would hope it’s improved but from what friends tell me it hasn’t by much.

Anyway, now I do the same except it’s just on a bigger scale with more of my body I guess.

The parts that many women are ashamed of and want to hide.

I know because I was that woman too.

The happiness on my face in this photo, that’s how happy being naked has me feeling now.

I look in the mirror now and love on myself so much.

It’s possible for you too, never doubt that.

I will keep sharing, no matter who it upsets, or how blocked I end up, because I want every woman out there to know there is diversity in body types.

We weren’t made to be a one size fits all society.

Xo S

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