You can

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You can call me a slut

You can call me a bad mum

You can think I’m egotistical

You can think I’m selfish

You can think I share too much of myself

You can think whatever you like

That’s the beauty of the power of our own freedom

But I would be surprised if you ever have the courage to say them to me 🤷🏽‍♀️

The version of me you created in your mind is not my responsibility

How I live my life doesn’t affect how you live yours, unless you want it to and you know it and that’s why you won’t say anything.

If you choose to see my posts and feel empowered and want to have more of what I have in my life then you can have that.

If you choose to see me living my life as something that needs to be judged by you, degraded, shamed or resented then you can do that too.

One option leaves you feeling (IMO) fulfilled and empowered and vibrationally at a better point to live a life of excitement.

The other leaves you feeling empty, unfulfilled and probably wondering why no one around you, including yourself, is experiencing the pleasure or relationships you wish you could have.

If you have time to sit around judging what I am doing with my life I invite you to ask yourself why that is. Because in all honesty happy people aren’t hating on anyone.

I know what my choice is.

Do you?

Xo S

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