Tag: Mother Earth

The medicine of Plants

Everything in me wanted to change my yes to a No and not turn up. Things started happening that made me want to take back my Yes. It felt too hard. It felt too much. It felt too scary. The fear was super real and very prominent. Especially after my last experience which was painful

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Spirit is who she is

She walks amongst the ancient trees and the ripe meadows She frolicks in the cool salty breeze as the wind licks her hair She dances with the tides and rolls with the waves She warms your heart like a crackling fire in the cool misty nights Spirit is all Spirit is present everywhere Earth, air,

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Letter from Mama Earth

She sees you, you know She knows of the love you desire The love that you give away so freely She knows how much that fills you up She also knows that sometimes you don’t know when to stop Sometimes you place that love in places it remains unseen Undervalued you feel But you aren’t

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