Spirit is who she is

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She walks amongst the ancient trees and the ripe meadows

She frolicks in the cool salty breeze as the wind licks her hair

She dances with the tides and rolls with the waves

She warms your heart like a crackling fire in the cool misty nights

Spirit is all

Spirit is present everywhere

Earth, air, water and fire

We call upon these elements as they weave their magic into our lives

Ever present

Ask and you shall receive

Listen and the messages will be delivered

She loves it all

The fire and the wind working together

The earth and the water creating new life from within

She is grounded because she is earth

She is passionate because she is fire

She is free and flowing because she is water

And she is able to shift and move because she is air

And with all of that she is spirit

The all and the nothing

The love and the comfort

She waits patiently for you to remember her

She waits ever so impatiently to hear you call her name

She waits to feel your love drop into her wells

She waits for the remembrance

She is here

That tingling in your ears you feel is her

That whisper against your skin is her

Every little piece of life you experience is a part of her


Xo S

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