Where is the empathy?

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I wonder how much people have turned off their empathy switch.

Yet thinking they have all the empathy in the world?

Telling people to stay home and do the right thing.

While being employed by businesses who still pay their wages.

Meanwhile small businesses who are told to shut need to find ways of putting food on their tables and sometimes for their employees as well.

Empathy would tell us that these people aren’t questioning the rules for no reason.

Empathy would tell us that these people are doing their best to keep their families going.

If you are lucky enough to still be able to earn a wage during a lockdown your empathy, I would think, would make you see that other people aren’t so lucky.

My empathy tells me that you are doing the best with what you know.

But when does it get to the point of your best realising that people are hurting and that’s why protesting is happening?

You think it makes no difference but these people need to be heard and seen and helped.

While your livelihood is nice and comfortable still earning a living, many others are not.

I see many different angles of life.

That is why I am able to have compassion and empathy and love for all walks of life.

I can feel the rage of mother earths land being pillaged, and the fire in peoples hearts watching their lives be slowly ripped away while big businesses go about their days as usual.

I can witness employees complain that their employer is staying open and getting them to work, knowing the side of the employer and how they may be worried they won’t earn enough to live, some employers taking nothing while paying their employees, and still have compassion for both of them.

Love is made up of many different shades.

What looks like love to one person, looks like selfish hatred of the human experience to another.

If we all drop the masks, drop the hatred, and come from love, no matter what, we can succeed.

And drop the fear of death.

Newsflash: every single person in your life is going to die.

Now do you choose to live today in hatred and worry and anger and miss out on the beauty of moments with those you love?

Or do you choose to live in love and understanding and acceptance of what will be one day and experience all the magic life has to offer, now?

You will not be lying on your death bed one day wishing you hadn’t hugged that person, visited that person, experienced that place, sung that song, danced to that beat.

If I were to catch covid tomorrow and die, I would be so grateful that not a moment was spent on being fearful, hateful or corrupted and rather I enjoyed and laughed and danced and sang all the joy in my heart out to the world with those I loved.

No time wasted.

Because time wasted is a life not worth living.

Xo S

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