Cultivating connection

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Officially 14 years together this year and over the weekend we renewed our wedding vows on our 10 year wedding anniversary. But we know it begun before this date cough cough 26 July cough cough 😉😝 or if you really want to go back May 16th the day we first met lol who knows the exact date they met their other half too?

Anyway I found this photo the other day.

Now my hubby isn’t all into what he loves to call the ‘woo woo’ stuff. As I like to say he’s just a bit woo haha

And it will forever hold a place in my heart as one of my favourite moments of connection between us.

Well up until the weekend just past haha

Him saying yes to something he didn’t completely believe in or know what to expect.

We both received a lot this day.

And it still trickles in daily.

This is a man who knows when to step in and step up and say yes.

And I honour him when he is a no too. We both honour our nos.

This deep respect for each other’s journeys is what we both live for.

We are connected but not in a way that disconnects ourself from our self.

Plugging into each other is like nothing either of us have ever experienced before now that we have discovered our true selves.

Our Ka is fully awakened and powerful and moves us in ways we never imagined possible.

And I love that. And will never accept anything less than that.

I love you Rory.

What have you and your partner done that may be considered woo woo or different in ‘normal’ settings to cultivate connection?

Xo S

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