Finding safety in her rage

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“I am done” she screams

Tears rolling down her face

The heat in her body overpowering all her senses

She looks for a place to fall into

She longs for the safety of a net to catch her while she wails and falls and screams into the abyss

Her heart pounds as she witnesses her rage

She doesn’t want to be like them so she thinks about holding back

But she knows she isn’t

And so she lets it rip through her body

Reminding herself that anger isn’t meant to be pretty or perfectly displayed

The desire to run from feeling it all is strong

Can she trust herself? is the question replaying over and over

Safe to trust, safe to trust.

Safe. To. Trust.

As she allows the feelings to circulate in her body she notices something

Her passion in her anger sizzled around her

Her rage had not harmed her, or anyone else

Her rage had been safe to express

She softens

She feels strong in her softening

She feels different somehow

Safe. She feels safe.

She feels held.

She is safe to feel it all she realizes.

And so, she does.

Realising her safety is within her own boundaries.

The more she leans into her own safety,

The more she chooses her own boundaries,

Not putting up walls, not needing to hurt others

Discerning where her energy is safe to be

She relaxes

She is safe, and now she knows it.

Xo S

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