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Into this world I landed

Purging and crying out any dregs of pain

Onto the grass I lay

I cried tears into pachamamas arms

Stood in my warrior body

I let loose all that I had held in

Ready to be reborn

For my soul to shine

Free from the burdens of lives past

Free from trials and judgments

Blissful, free, happy

Childlike in my need to play

Remembrance of all that I am

Revenance for all that I am destined to be

Wonder for the world that supports me

Grateful for the tribe that has held me

Like a newborn being presented to the world

I am ready

I am here

I have been reborn

Dreams previously unwritten are now burning into my soul

Like ants crawling on my skin I feel them creeping through my body

Rebirthed and rediscovered.

Xo S

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