My life is getting weird

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In Cairns I had the most crazy and insane thing happen…

And it’s actually quite funny and so me when I think about it.

One night I had the most weird dream. Those of you following for a while will know how weird my dreams can get 😂

So much happened but the part I’m going to tell you about is the best and also what could be the creepiest thing ever.

In this part of my dream I fell in love with this man. He baked the most amazing bread. (That’s the so me part – I mean food 🤤) And we would flirt and touch and giggle and it was all super cute.

I woke up in the morning and turned to my friend who was sleeping beside me and said I just dreamt about this man and I still have the feelings for him right now.

I could still feel that love circulating through my body.

I joked about imagine if I saw him at some point today that would be freaky.

Fast forward to our helicopter trip out to snorkel the reef and I climb in all excited.

As we are flying out he turns his face and my heart stops.

Yep – he was the man from my dream 😳

I then spent the rest of the trip feeling like I was crazy and imagining it. But nope those eyes and that smile I couldn’t forget.

As we landed there was a bird who had its foot trapped on the pontoon.

He proceeds to go rescue the bird after the helicopter has stopped. Cue heart smiles awwwwww

My heart is racing thinking about how strange this is and when we get out of the helicopter I tell my friend it’s him from my dreams. She says I could have told you that would happen.

That night I tell my hubby and his first question is did you ask him if he bakes bread 😂

Which I did not. Imagine if I did and he said yes. I probably would have died of a heart attack 😂

He also then says you may have just let the man of your dreams (literally) go 😂

I love that my relationship affords me the safety to be transparently honest about meeting a man I met in my dreams in real life and laugh about it.

When you enter into and continue to choose sacred relationship with your partner, complete truth is the only way you can move forward and alchemise with each other. Sacred relationship is not some fluffy, easy path to take. It takes commitment to each other.

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent.

But that’s the story of how I met the man of my dreams in real life 😂

And I don’t even remember his name 😂

Now my hubby and I have a new joke about bread. As he says “he is happy to put his bun in my oven” thankfully his bun is missing some ingredients so it will never actually be a bun 😂

What’s a creepy or weird experience you have had in your life?

Xo S

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