We get to do better

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We get to do better.

I was on my morning walk and admiring the beauty of nature around me yet couldn’t help but remember how I used to love seeing snakes and admiring their beautiful patterns or the families of kangaroos chilling in peoples backyards. We even used to have them out the front of our house or jumping down alongside our fence.

And in this moment I burst into tears. A dear sister of mine said to me the other day how deeply I feel but it was this moment that I truly recognized how deeply that is.

What are we doing to this planet?

What are we fighting for?

If we don’t look after this earth there will be nothing to live our lives on.

We each have our own unique reasons for being here right now.

I feel sadness at the amount of trees we ripped out of own backyard just so we could build our house. And I think if we took that many out imagine how many have been taken to keep building houses around the world.

2040, kiss the ground, chasing coral, are a few of the documentary’s that come to mind when I think of changes that need to be made to continue living on this planet.

Earth is a gift to humanity, we HAVE to start treating it like the treasure it truly is.

If you know of some more documentary’s please comment them below ❤️

Xo S

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