Self doubt is a dick.

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I could be happy and smiling but deep down wondering why I actually wasn’t good enough or how I could do or be better.

I still have my moments of questioning sometimes. But then I heard the lesson of ‘maybe people aren’t giving you recognition because you need to give it to yourself first’.

Holy truth bomb. I was STILL looking outside of myself for others to say yep you are doing it right.


So I stopped. Anytime I noticed myself seeking for someone to say you have got it, I gave myself some love, acknowledged what I was feeling and went on my way.

The more I did this the less I noticed I needed to do it.

It’s been something I’ve battled with my whole life. No one told me they were proud of me until I was 25.

I can’t imagine my children going 25 years without anyone telling them how awesome they are.

And I thought I had it. “I got me, I’m proud of me, I don’t need anyone to say it”.

Until it was said.

And then I realized wow ok I actually do want to be told that someone does actually see me and what I’m doing.

I was a words of affirmations love language person back then. So I needed it.

These days I’m a quality time gal with a side of Acts of Service. Affirmations are at the bottom.

I’ve come to realize that if I’m here to empower then I had to go through those battles to find my way to the other side so that I am more able to help others find their way.

So yes now I do got me, truthfully, and that’s the most powerful I’ve felt in a while.

Have you felt this too? What are some steps you have taken to support yourself?

Xo S

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