Letter from Mama Earth


She sees you, you know

She knows of the love you desire

The love that you give away so freely

She knows how much that fills you up

She also knows that sometimes you don’t know when to stop

Sometimes you place that love in places it remains unseen

Undervalued you feel

But you aren’t

She loves you

She has got you

So keep giving that love woman!

Your power lies in your love

Powerful beyond your desires

Place your hands on her

Can you feel that?

You are grounded

You are held

You are safe

Never forget.

She knows

She listens

Now are you going to listen to her?

Her infinite wisdom is open for you.

Her power is your power.

Open up to it

It’s yours

Her love is your love

You are love

Do not compare she says

She has you

Melt into her arms

Her Unconditional love will envelope you

That warmth you feel, that’s her

She has got you.

Written in April 2020

Xo S

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