Gratitude for sisterhood

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I would like to honour all the women who have ever had a place in my life throughout the years.

Some I still call friends. Some I haven’t seen in forever. Some I have no desire to reconnect with. Some were downright hurtful.

But all of them have taught me different things about myself.

All of them saw me through different stages of my life.

All of them know me as a different Shantel.

But all of them have had a piece in the person that I now am today.

And I am grateful.

Whether it was showing me what I didn’t want in a friendship, or showing me what I do want.

It all matters.

They have all mattered.

So I thank all of them.

For their part in creating the woman that I am today.

Because I love this woman so god damn much.

And some of those women knew me when I didn’t. Some of those women saw what I would call the worst parts of myself.

Yet I still love those parts as well.

Without them I’m not me. The Me then. Not the Me now.

Xo S

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