My gut knows best

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Sometimes listening to my body sucks.

But only in a mind wants to be in control type way.

Yesterday I got my period. I had already gotten a yes in my body to attend the rally in Brisbane but I checked again because normally when this time arrives I take time to myself and away from the majority of humans.

She said yes so I went. It was the most high vibe, powerful day to be a part of. Approximately 150k in Brisbane coming together to stand for freedom of choice.

My period was supposed to be light. But not this time. First day and yet it was not like normal.

Today I woke with my mind saying no don’t go to this devotional Heart workshop. You did a lot yesterday so you need to rest. But my body said Yes.

Argh. Ok I’m going. Feeling tired in my mind and sore in my body but trusting the intuition of my gut.

And boy am I glad I did.

I had the most beautiful, divine day. Seeing my shadows, visiting the sacred prostitute archetype, witnessing where I still hold stories within myself.

And having a huge realization where I thought I had been punishing others was actually punishing myself. Woah.

And through all this my womb has been shedding heavier than it ever has in years.

Good bye to those layers that no longer serve me.

Hello to the powerful devotional woman I’ve been hiding from.

Thank you Ezra Kuivalainen and Juan for your wisdom and guidance. I know why my body was a yes to today and I am deeply grateful I listened to her. ❤️💫

Xo S

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