I am not your inspiration

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I am not your inspiration.

I am not someone for you to follow or look up to.

I am not your goal post or an example of one.

I am not the wind beneath your wings.

I am not your support stand.

I may have started this journey to inspire yet the way I feel about that now is very different.

You see, I have realised a few things, but mainly –

I am me, a human woman.

Living life in the best way I see fit, for me.

Who I am. And who you think I am are more than likely different.

I am who I ‘post’ to be online. I may be slightly quieter in real life, as I like to choose my words carefully, writing is much easier for me. But otherwise what you see is what you get.

Which as I’ve discovered seems to be a rarity these days. And just another reason for me (or anyone else) to not be your inspiration, because a lot of the time when you are inspired by people, you aren’t really inspired by them, but rather a version of them you have decided to choose as a representation.

I am not doing life to have your praise on my achievements, or your pity on my non-achievements.

My purpose is to be me, and who that is can change daily.

So the minute I find myself feeling like I can’t do something because it might not be inspirational, is the minute I step back and say no thank you.

Living life is inspirational in itself. To me it is.

And I hope that you feel the same about living your life.

Be inspired by YOU.

Do not compare yourself to me and my experience or anyone else.

YOU have made it through your hardest days.

YOU have put each foot in front of the other and kept going.

YOU have felt everything you have felt and are still here, sometimes wondering why perhaps?

It’s because YOU are your purpose. YOU get to be your inspiration.

Don’t ever forget how magical and amazing YOU are.


Comment if you are picking up what I’m putting down 💫

Xo S

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