Take action now

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You cannot ignore what you are feeling and hope it goes away.

You cannot say you want to get better then sit back and do the same things you are currently doing.

You will not start to feel better until you take action.

No one can do this for you.

No amount of messages or phone calls or trainings will take away whatever it is that has you feeling alone, depressed, anxious, overworked, whatever it may be.

More than likely, the more you speak about why you are feeling the way you are, the more you will stick to that feeling because you are just holding it in your vision.

Have conversations, yes, AND take the action.

Don’t get so attached to your stories that you end up keeping yourself stagnant because you are afraid of what it might mean to move away from those stories.

Many of us, myself included in the past, have become so attached to our stories of pain and loss that we don’t/didn’t know who we were without them.

Starting the journey of unbecoming is a journey you will not regret.

You can start by taking notice any time a thought pops into your head.

Notice the way it makes you feel, notice what happens in your body.

Soon enough you will start to recognize when things are adding to your life and when they are subtracting.

Adding fear or subtracting fear? Adding stress or subtracting stress? Adding happiness and joy or subtracting happiness and joy?

All it take is a minute or 2 of awareness to start changing your life.

Take them. You deserve it.

Xo S

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