Devotion in ceremony

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This moment ❤️

📸 Blake Lewis

How does it feel to witness these images?

📸 Blake Lewis

“To submit means you are weak.”

📸 Blake Lewis

That’s a story many have around men and women in relationship. I know I had it.

Many people try to force submission to feel powerful. We can see this playing out in current world events.

Yet most don’t realise the power in your woman feeling safe in your presence, so much so, that your love is a force she delights in devoting to.

To bring this into our vow renewal was a powerful download for me when discussing our ceremony.

It was discussed in private with our amazing celebrant Denni Boulden so that Rory did not know it was going to happen.

The emotions rolled through my body and the love powerfully engulfed my being and the devotion I feel to my husband was felt.

Not just by me but to our loved ones who were there to witness.

I fought the story in my head of needing to stand up because everyone was waiting.

And when I looked up and saw my husbands face, filled with so much love and respect my body melted.

This is only a small part of devotion.

And 14 years in we have a level of devotion we could only imagine, or actually in truth, we had no idea even existed or was possible. That is the joy of going in to relationship together as two young adults who didn’t know much about themselves let alone the other person.

It may not have always been this way but what we have now has been grown like the beautiful fruits on a growing tree.

I didn’t even know who was at my wedding until the end of the ceremony because I only had eyes for my hubby as soon as my cape came off.

This day was the new beginning of a new timeline for our lives.

Thank you. I love you.

Xo S

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