Saying no thank you to guilt

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I did wrestle with some guilt the other week.

While I lay poolside sipping cocktails, reading amazing books, having fun with my kids, other states in Australia went into lockdown.

I was having the time of my life, unmasked and not checking in to places, while other people were being told to stay home and not earn an income.

I was staying in a luxe hotel having relaxing baths and eating delicious food while other people were wondering if they were going to be able to afford groceries.

I thought to myself am I a shit person out here living this amazing life while others struggle?

The human guilt of wait am I doing enough to contribute to society?

Do I deserve to be having an amazing time right now?

All the questions.

Meeting people who had just got out of Melbourne before lockdown and who were grateful to be having their getaway in the place I call home.

There was a time where I thought I don’t want to be stuck in Australia if leaving means I need to get a vaccination.

But I recently realized that I actually live in the most beautiful state.

Qld has everything I could ever desire and more.

And the guilt thing?

I don’t need to feel guilty.

I live my life moment to moment.

And I am not going to waste today worrying about if I am spending my money in the ‘correct’ way.

Or worrying that I might run out of money.

The truth of the matter is we have no idea where the state of the world is heading right now.

And that is a pretty scary thought.

One hand says we are going into totalitarian control and the other hand says we will inherit the most beautiful planet ever once all these hardships past.

Personal experience tells me the further the pendulum swings one way, the further it swings back.

The depth of the darkness and unawareness and evil is equal to the depth of the love and passion and joy.

If I feed into the guilt about enjoying my life then it does not serve the vibration of this planet and the humans that reside here.

This planet needs the joy and play and laughter.

There is no such thing as too much of that stuff.

If I was dying I would not want those around me to be feeling sad or guilty or angry I would like them to be celebrating life and all that’s possible.

They could mourn me when I was gone.

If I was about to lose my lifestyle I would not want others to feel bad because they continue living a luxe lifestyle.

Every person deserves to live feeling good.

So I did enjoy my week at the JW Marriott. Eating lots of food and drinking cocktails and suntanning by the pool.

And I believe the happiness and love of my vibrations helped those around me.

That’s how it works.

If someone smiles at you it’s hard not to smile back, right?

If someone is feeling good it’s hard not to revel in a little bit of that feeling.

So the next time you are enjoying yourself and you perhaps feel a little bit of that tall poppy kicking in telling you it’s not fair on others and you should stop, say no thank you and keep on going.

You deserve to feel good and enjoy life.

Plain and simple

Xo S

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