What even is 5D?

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I don’t think I can actually answer that question myself. There are so many conflicting ideas on what it is or means.

But I can tell that if it means some of the things some people say it does then I don’t think I want it.

If being in 5D means I forget all the little things someone has said to me or done for me then I don’t want it.

If being in 5D means that everything else in this world is irrelevant then I don’t want it.

If it means I’m having the same conversations over and over because no one remembers anything I don’t want it.

I love that I can remember what day someone’s birthday is, or the flower they mentioned is their favourite, or that funny story they told me because it made me laugh so much.

I want to feel the depth of it all.

I want to be sitting in the middle, dancing with it all.

Experiencing everything this world has to offer and yet knowing none of it means anything in reality.

I don’t want to be attached to any form of identity in 3D or 5D or 11D or any of the Ds.

Well ok maybe there is one ‘D’ I don’t mind being attached to haha

I love details.

And if being any of those means I forget details I don’t want it.

Even if it means I gain even more different details.

I want to be on this human journey. In my own way.

And most humans are here. Right now. Not trying, or even believing, to get into 5D.

If forgetfulness is a sign of how ascended you are then there are a lot of people more ascended than I will ever be.

Transmute and transform.

That is my motto.

What is your motto? How do you choose to live your life? Do you like to have a balance between human and spiritual experiences?

Xo S

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