Me + Integration

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Recently I was going through the biggest integration experience I’ve ever felt.

My entire body had aches and pains along with the most horrible migraines and I just did not want to human anymore.

But I allowed it all.

I didn’t shame myself for feeling the things I was feeling. I knew they were just parts of me integrating everything I had experienced.

Fast forward to now and I have a skip in my step, a knowing in my body and a trust in my heart that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

You see, sometimes we as humans forget that we aren’t only supposed to be love and light. Sometimes we are supposed to be anger and sadness. That is the duality that we are here to experience as a human.

Going back to the stars is always on the cards but right now is the human experience we chose to have.

The closer I get to the light the more the darkness surrounds me, and the closer I get to the darkness the more the light surrounds me. Yet if I can stay in the middle and see from that vantage point then I have equal darkness and light.

One is not inherently worse than the other. That’s a lie we have been fed throughout the years.

This has also been a big part of my journey. All the unlearnings.

I’ve lived my life to get to this point right here. Right now.

Have you recently looked at how far you have come and celebrated? You get to celebrate!

Xo S

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