The Infinite Human

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The other week I sat in a ceremony which was everything I asked for and more.

My life contract being fulfilled in what was peaceful, and yet not so peaceful, moments in time.

Held by a man I trust with my life and my beautiful soul sisters who I know can hold me through anything.

Soul siSTARS for life ❤️

It turned my world on it’s head.

I was reminded of my infiniteness and my humanness at the same time.

It’s taken a lot of integration to feel like the woman I am.

I’ve spent the last week doing the simple things. Things that most of us take for granted.

And today I received this message –

Let every simple act be done with awareness, simplicity, gratitude and kindness.

Don’t be dissatisfied with the seemingly mundane nature of it all.

Embrace this coming back to earth as an opportunity to ground, reconnect and bring a sense of the sacred to all that you do – no matter how humble it may be.

Extraordinary places can be visited again.

So for now embrace the joy of being at home within your humanity.

And so I shall continue falling in love with my human all over again and again.

Yet another layer of my onion peeled back.

Xo S

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