What is a safe space?

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It’s virtually impossible to be a strong space holder unless we have others who will hold space for us.

We need to know there are some who we can be vulnerable with without fear of being judged.

To truly support people we cannot take their power away, instead we get to empower them to make their own decisions.

We get to give people permission to trust in their own intuition and wisdom.

This is where I see the changes in my life.

Maybe this is why people have recently been commenting on my energy being a safe space for them.

Because I have found people that hold such a powerful container for me to experience any complex emotions that arise in my life now.

There is no panic if I’m on the brink. There is no judgement if I’m releasing my anger.

Its total safety to fall apart without fearing I will be permanently broken or shamed for being me.

There is no trying to fix me because they understand there is nothing to fix.

I was never broken and I understand that now.

Full allowance and acceptance and pure love is what I am greeted with when going through my processes.

That is what true space holding is.

What I’ve discovered because of finding these amazing space holders is that healing gets to be fun, even when it’s horrible and hurts.

And finding this safe space means I am more discerning with who I allow in my space when I’m journeying or experiencing life because now that I’ve found those that I know can hold me in whatever I need to be held in I cannot accept to be in a space where I cannot express my full self.

I’ve always heard and spoken the find your tribe saying. But now I understand it with all of my being.

Xo S

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