Who are you?

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So many people go through life being who they think they are, who others say they are or who they think they should be, when who they truly are is submerged beneath conformity, habit, stereotypes, cultural expectations and other people’s opinions.

So ask yourself who you are and assume, just for a minute, that you may not know the answer.

Go beneath the roles and assumptions.

Allow your true self to slowly ascend and emerge from beneath the feedback of the world.

Live from the heart of yourself.

If you want to start over, start over.

Treat it like a wonderful adventure and an opportunity to forget what you think you know.

Stop going along with beliefs and aim to truly see yourself.

A rebirth if you desire.

Who are you? Who do you desire to be?

Xo S

📸 Blake Lewis
💄 Amera Tabet

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