Don’t like me?

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You may not like the way I operate. And that’s cool.

I don’t do it so people will like me.

I do it so I will like me. In fact – I love me.

I speak my truth because I know how much value my life has been given from witnessing others speak their truth.

I used to feel afraid people wouldn’t like me. I never wanted to step on toes. I didn’t want to say something that was real for me if it might upset the other person or change someone else’s opinion of me.

Hell I was too scared to even speak of the fact I was raped.

I didn’t want to talk about the things I’ve experienced with my family because I didn’t want to upset them.

What I’ve discovered through my journey though, is that in doing this I may be protecting their feelings but where does that leave mine?

I have to live in my body and with my choices and experience life in my own head.

Other people’s bodies are not my priority.

This doesn’t mean I take no responsibility for how others react to me.

I don’t speak like an ‘asshole’ and when someone feels hurt say oh well not my problem that’s your stuff, look in the mirror. (Even if that’s how I approach my life and feelings)

I do still care about others.

I have just learnt the value of my own feelings and life now.

So don’t be afraid to speak your truth.

If someone is behaving disrespectfully to you, you are entitled to speak up and say no not having it.

If someone is breaking a boundary you get to say this is not on.

Putting down the people pleaser mask can be scary but I can tell you it is totally worth it.

Your feelings matter. They matter more than anything else in the world to you.

Always remember you cannot disown that which you have not owned. So the moment you speak your truth and own it you are taking your power back.

So if I say something that causes that stabbing feeling in your heart or some other kind of body reaction I invite you to delve deeper into that, it’s truly is where your freedom begins ❤️

And remember – you are loved ❤️

Xo S

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