Lone Wolf stage is over


I don’t want to do this alone

I’ve realized I don’t have to do this alone

Any of it.

There are so many amazing, powerful, inspirational women and men out there doing this work.

I get to work with them.

We get to create together.

I want to co-create.

I want to support.

I want to give other women what I have been gifted.

And that is the presence of a woman who sees her, who believes in her, beyond the stories, beyond the pain, beyond the lies we tell ourselves.

I thought to do that I had to go out on my own, now I know I don’t.

I’ve seen and been told first hand what my freedom has done for other women.

I thought I wasn’t allowed to celebrate that either. Validation is bad, you shouldn’t need validation.

Then I heard a beautiful angel say “it’s not validation, it’s confirmation” and that hit me like someone threw a book at my head. And she didn’t even say it to me but I got the message.

Remember, leaders don’t have to be the ones standing out the front, sometimes they are the ones standing in support too.

Xo S

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