Humanness is special

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Why would people not want to human?

I didn’t want to for a period of time. Get me outta here! How crazy was I!

My human does some really cool things.

These are statements made during ceremony a month or two ago.

And we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Such a beautiful reminder that we needn’t be in a rush to ascend and leave this earth.

Death is only the death of the ego because the soul lives forever.

And being here during these tumultuous times is such a privilege many seem to have forgotten.

We get to live and breathe and be for all those who have come before us.

We get to be the change makers and the fun seekers and the safe spaces and the fart noises in those we chooses life.

We get to stop seeking outside of ourselves and continue remembering within instead.

That’s what we came here to do.


Some of us take the long scenic road and some of us are on the highway but we are all heading to the same destination.

So we get to drop the judgment on how someone else is traveling there and love them through their journey.

As @mattkahn1 would say – The Love revolution is here ❤️

Xo S

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