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For the people who ask what makes our relationship last

Recently I have been experiencing another death and rebirth of my marriage. The ever falling away and new things being introduced. This called for me to stand in a power that I don’t normally stand in because I don’t need to. It called for my husband to stand back, stand up and step in, in

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A short love story

Our love story isn’t a cute one where we manifested each other while sitting in ceremony. Or maybe it is. Maybe the fact we were in each other’s neighborhood without even realizing it, intwined in each other’s days without knowing it until we had a conversation, is a sign we were meant to be. We

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“Touch me. Don’t stop.”

The last piece of my puzzle, of this particular journey, fell into place. I never realized how much I wanted to be touched by people now. I walked around giving touch to people and feeling really fucking happy. I was in my natural state. The one I’ve come to love and adore. And I felt

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