A short love story

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Our love story isn’t a cute one where we manifested each other while sitting in ceremony.

Or maybe it is.

Maybe the fact we were in each other’s neighborhood without even realizing it, intwined in each other’s days without knowing it until we had a conversation, is a sign we were meant to be.

We didn’t have the ‘luxury’ of going through life and making all the mistakes before meeting each other so we could dive straight in to a relationship of kundalini awakenings and understanding beyond the shallows.

We have fumbled and fought and loved and hated. Experienced all realms of relationship dos and don’ts that could have driven us apart.

A 20 year old who had only had one relationship of 2 years and a divorced single mum with 2 kids came together through meeting in a nightclub.

Drunk and/or high on pills was how our relationship started.

Both of us swearing we were just going to be friends with benefits.

Then our baby boy appeared who had clearly laughed at us saying this was going nowhere.

Rory – You had always said you only ever wanted one boy. And you got him. And my two were bonuses. That you loved with your whole heart. No one could even tell they weren’t yours by blood.

I could say something cute like every day is Valentine’s Day when I’m with you but it isn’t.

Some days it’s more Final Destination than Valentines.

But while every love story is beautiful and I love listening to them. Ours is definitely my favourite.

Xo S

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