Beware of the wormholes…

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I was deep in it.

Self punishment, sadness, not knowing, questioning everything, not wanting to do anything or not even having the mind capacity to function.

I was holding onto it all for as long as I could. Until my soul sis called and it all flooded out.

Tears flowed, my head hurt, words came out that I hadn’t said aloud.

We’d had a big weekend with our event serving 80 people. Every muscle and bone in my body ached. I was feeling a cocoon and ignore the world and punish myself vibe settled in my self.

We spoke of many things and many possibilities that I could play with to try shift this energetic density I was grasped by.

And then this thought popped into my head and I spoke it:

It’s those fucking wormholes! Fuck you! Fuck off!

We’d had a conversation about what is happening on earth right now and how these wormholes are opening around people who are moving forward and not allowing the darkness to drag them down a week or two ago.

And I know I am a powerful transmuter that goes into the darkness happily to share my light. It’s not something I try to do, it just happens.

I am a calming influence because I am in great relationship with my central nervous system now. I’ve always been a calming influence but previously I was not in touch or able to regulate so instead I shut off any connection to my emotions and feelings. So it hasn’t always been this way.

The moment I said those words out loud acknowledging them for what they were, all the feelings disappeared.

I instantly started giggling again.

My chest felt lighter and it felt like I could breathe.

All it took was some acknowledgement of the wormhole.

So I share this today in case you have been experiencing the darkness yourself while moving through some big things with this collective consciousness.

Maybe it’s one of those wormholes that have opened up to bring you back down to the density of the stuff being experienced by the majority of the planet.

Don’t let it swallow you up.

Tell it to fuck off like I did.

We had spent hours after the event in fits of laughter and dipped in love so of course a wormhole wanted to try and take that away. Those are the highest frequencies that are so easy to reach when my soul fam and I are together.

So acknowledging worked for me, maybe it will work for you too.

And acknowledgment works for all feelings FYI. As soon as you can acknowledge the truth of what you are feeling and why, you will begin the road of healing from whatever caused those emotions to arise.

Xo S

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