Our Wedding Vows

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I have decided to share our wedding vows here so that they are forever noted in the internet world. Please enjoy reading them and I hope you can feel a snippet of what we felt when writing and then sharing these ❤️

First up are my vows ❤️🥰

Devotion, Love, Harmony

I choose these things

I choose them with you – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I choose to rip myself open to the depths of your love and swim in the magnificence of your devotion.

I choose to stomp on the expectations of how our relationship has ever been told to look and instead play in the delights of the truth of who we are and what we stand for.

I choose to continue to allow you inside the walls of my heart where before only I ever dared to visit.

I choose to allow the strings of the guitar of my life to be played and plucked and strummed with your hands.

And I choose to sing along with you no matter how off key that may be.

I choose to speak to my truth even when my voice falters, because I value your being in my life more than I value feeling wrong or misheard.

I choose to never be so afraid again that I let it erase everything you mean to me.

Because you do mean everything and more to me.

These past 14 years, where we have chosen over and over again, the beauty that our relationship has given us, is beyond meaning or understanding or a need for explanation.

And we have witnessed that sometimes beauty is in the depths of despair where we think we have nothing left in the tank.

Except we always do. Always.

And I choose to always experience the magic and mysteries that filling each other’s tanks can gift us.

You are a gift. To me, to our family, and to this world. A gift that has layers to open and I deeply respect each layer that gets unraveled with me.

Your heart is unexplainable in its vast coherence and I see you, even when you try to pretend it’s not.

You have this ability to see me in such beautiful ways that I could do nothing but believe in the beauty and magic of life and love.

We are no longer the young people we met as, 

And I honour you. I honour the man that you have grown into, and I am excited to love every version of you that you become in the future.

I honour the safe place you have given me to fall into when I have wanted to run.

I honour the soul choices and desires that have danced with your being and how you don’t take a single moment for granted. This life, me, our family – you value it all so deeply. 

I honour the strong spine you have kept throughout every moment in time where you could have chosen differently.

The song you sing with your hum when you honour me, I vow to give to you.

I will humm to your heart just as you do to mine so that those vibrations can be felt in all dimensions.

Your heart language was meant for the world and I am blessed to receive it in mine so deeply and reverently.

Devotion, love and harmony

These I choose today, tomorrow and always.

With you.

And now to share Rory’s Vows 🥰❤️

My Queen

There is a reason our favourite song is more than words & that’s because You have taught me that true love is more than words.

It’s more than gifts

It’s more than sex

It’s a life long commitment to each other’s souls.

You have taken me to depths I never knew was possible whether it was from The most mind blowing kundalini awakening to embracing each other for hours to the point my heart felt Like it was going to explode 🤯

We have hugged, we have cried, we have laughed, we have stayed up all night.

We have raged and we have almost died and every time I surrender deeper into the next layer of your love.

I will create safety even in the depths of my uncertainty no matter whether we’re flying in the 5D or grounded in the 3D you can count on me.

I promise to love you when your hangry and hold you through your most outrageous tantrums.

I promise to love you through all the pain even if it’s pouring rain.

I choose to love you through all our insecurities.

I choose to love you when your a hot mess and even more when your embracing your goddess.

I promise to hold you high whilst your radiance shines bright & I will hold you until your goddess energy engulfs the night sky.

I will make you always feel safe even if your spitting venom I am the one you can surrender too.

Our hearts are bound together by a power so much stronger and larger than life that’s why I will always choose to call you my wife.

I believe True love takes a deep level of vulnerability and courage & You have stretched me to a level I never knew was possible. Thank you 🙏

I love that you always push me to levels I never knew were possible and I promise to keep pushing you to levels you never knew were possible.

I love that you love me whether Im fat or skinny.

I love that you are willing to keep doing the work even when you know it’s probably gonna hurt.

I love the way you smile and the way you embrace all your curves.

I love the purity of your heart.

I love the goddess that shines deep from within your soul ❤️

I love that you never shy from your values and always stand your ground.

The thing I love the most about you though is the depth of love I feel from your heart.

It’s almost unexplainable when we are entangled deep within the bliss. The feeling is euphoric.,

It always reminds me that You are my nirvana.

I can’t wait to spend the next 55 years together allowing each others souls to weave deeper and deeper into love.

I’m devoted to your soul and I will do my best every day to make you smile.

I love you forever and always ataahua.

17/10/2021 what a beautiful 10 year wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony we had ❤️

Xo S

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