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This weekend I had the privilege of attending Dr Espens Quantum Living Advanced 2 day event where we dug into each chakra and cleared blockages that stop us from vibrating at higher levels in life.

I thought I was ready to stop with the personal development. I had laid down my learning cap ready to put into action. Yet this event could not have been more perfectly timed or suited to where I’m at in life currently. I experienced some of the biggest breakthroughs I ever have and now believe even more in the power of Quantum healing! And finishing the weekend truly touching the Quantum field, now there’s a feeling that is indescribable!

This was my graduating class 😍

You may think you already know about this. You may think why would I need to attend this, these are things we can all do daily without attending an event? And this may be true however it’s the way in which it is delivered that makes it special and so transformative. You will only ever get out what you put in. I like to go into everything with a beginners mindset and it always leads to the biggest breakthroughs.

(The following content has been shared with permission and not written by me)

The reason most people get lost in the ‘Rabbit Hole’ of personal development, is because they are following the old model of ‘change’…

…which is, “I am broken, I must fix myself”.

Let me break the news…

…this is kinda like swimming upstream when it comes to manifesting the life you desire.

Which is why my friend Dr. Espen teaches, a life changing technique called ‘Quantum Living’, at his free, 4-hour events, but for now, let me introduce him…

…Dr. Espen wants to take you on a journey into a NEW realm of personal and spiritual development.

Back in 2006 he broke both his legs and obtained a life threatening hospital infection…

…and was told by the Doctors he might die and if he was lucky, perhaps save one of his legs and spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair…

…so he decided to take a decade of study, late nights and obsession into practice.

He had no choice but to apply his knowledge of how the universe and human body actually work together….

…he was terrified, scared, doubting himself and wondering if it was going to work.

After spending years in and out of wheelchairs, hospitals and surgeries…

…he wondered if he could manifest a body of perfect health again, and prove to himself that this universal intelligence, we all have, within us, actually works…

He had no choice, and he knew this was creating a story that he could share one day (like this)…

…so he woke up every single day and applied these 3 techniques (that you will experience at his free 4-hour event).

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3 months later, he was fully healed and when the TV show, Australian Ninja Warrior heard about his story…

…they invited him on to the show, which eventually lead him to becoming a finalist in last year’s season (a total dream come true for Espen)!

…he has actually ‘cracked the code’, but not in the way that most mean.

He has actually had the experience of healing & transforming himself from within…

…with a REAL story and REAL results to back it.

He made a promise to himself that he would take his life’s work to the world and show others how to use this to:

✅Heal & Transform Themselves.

✅Access Super Performance.

✅Manifest Their Dream Life.

✅Be The Light In Others Lives.

When people tap into this work, their life is never the same again…

…he has 3 signature concepts that he will introduce you to:

1 – The Journey Into The Mystical (Quantum Physics)

2 – The Newest Revolutionary Techniques in Personal Development (The Science)

3 – Meditation That Connects You With The Field (The Application)

When you actually understand how this universe works…

…and you start to get the basics of quantum mechanics (The Mystical).

You can begin to live in alignment with the entire universe.

He is actually going to guide you through a scientifically proven new way of personal transformation at the event.

By activating the 7 chakra energy centres in the body in a completely new way…

…this is seriously revolutionary.

And because of that I’d love to invite you to his 4-hour workshop called the ‘Quantum Living Experience’ for FREE…

…where he will take you on a journey into the unknown and show you how to reach super performance in each of the 8 areas of life.

Unless you have been to one of his workshops before…

…you’ve never seen anything like this.

Sound good?

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Shantel Da Costa