We Are

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As we each danced with ourselves

We danced with the moon

We danced with the stars

We danced with the ocean

We danced with Mother Earth

The sacred geometry decorating all that surrounds us

Within and without

We called to the moon

Our healing vibes rippling out into the world

As some giggled some cried

We created a kaleidoscope of experience with a mish mash of beautiful humans

For a moment in time

We saw heaven on earth

Our hearts beat united

Our love collectively shining

Grounded in our safety

Surrounded in the power of human creation

All of life dared to dance with our soul and our souls dared to dance with all that is and ever was and ever could be

In the here and now and future

We climbed the staircase to heaven

And rejoiced in every emotion available to human kind

We are grateful

We are human

We are infinite love.

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