Don’t feel guilty

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This morning I found myself feeling guilty for the amount of happiness in my life currently.

How ridiculous is that?

I did not think I had any remnants of tall poppy syndrome left but alas I apparently do.

I found myself thinking I literally have nothing that has me feeling sad right now.

There is so much joy.

If I share this, people will think I’m only sharing the highlights, except I’m not.

I’m just currently in a bliss bubble.

Then I found myself making it ok by saying I’ve had a ton of shit experiences so it’s ok to be this happy, as if I had to earn this happiness.

I know better than that!

Or I thought I did.

But I’m aware of those thoughts. And awareness is all that matters.

I am definitely not going to allow my happiness to be taken away because I don’t want others to feel bad they are experiencing differently right now.

So I’ll finish this with one of my favourite quotes that you have probably heard me say before –

Telling someone they can’t be upset because others have it worse is the same as telling someone they can’t be happy because others have it better. Don’t do it.

Xo S

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