Fear and Love and Privilege

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While some are seeing an outpouring of fear there are those who are seeing, sharing and feeling an outpouring of love.

I realise in these times it may look like and even feel like a whole lot of fear and hatred and mistrust and, yes, that is present.

But to me, I see and feel a whole lot of love and moving forward and the power of coming together.

I’ve shared about white privilege many times and it’s never had any interaction, reaction, response. So to see many people coming together and asking how they can use this privilege to help others doesn’t scream separation to me.

We are in critical times right now where we can choose to come together in love or separate in fear.

There is no need to shame another persons current experience of life or how they perceive or share in it.

I’ve taken some time off Facebook and will continue to do so because it’s so noisy right now. Do this but don’t do that. Say this but don’t say that. How dare you be quiet be loud. How dare you be loud you are too much. Don’t share that but if you don’t you don’t care.

Separation has always been there. Many have just had their eyes opened to it now. There is no hiding from the separation anymore.

Unity cannot exist without separation. So now that the entire world has had the separation thrust into their faces we can begin to move forward.

There is always two sides of a coin. One can not exist without the other. Up with down, hot with cold, night with day, light and darkness. It all exists for each other to exist. That is the duality of the world.

While there are some demonstrating not loving there are others demonstrating loving.

While the news only shows burning down buildings and looting there are social media accounts that show peaceful protests.

We get to remember being is achieved only after experiencing.

Watch Selma and see what can be created when two races come together.

Then watch 13th and realise the system that was created after the civil rights movement to keep the separation going.

What we are experiencing right now can lead us to a great joy.

A great awakening can arrive after we acknowledge all that has been experienced.

It may feel like the furthest thing from the truth right now, I get it, as long as we remember that we get to fight in our love then we will triumph.

It’s time.

For all of us to stand together.

So that every single living soul on this planet may experience peace and inclusion and pure love together.

Fear and Love – the two base human emotions. One cannot exist without the other. Every other emotion stems from these two.

To know one is to know the other.

Enough with the people bashing. Let’s remind ourselves who we all ultimately are.

We are love in human form.

And now back to being about my truth and not letting the noise of the world interrupt that.

Keep checking up on your black friends, keep doing the work to educate yourself and remember you don’t have to be willing to die for something to be able to contribute to change about it.

Create, don’t hate ❤️

Xo S

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