Speak your truth

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Yesterday I shared honestly about what I was feeling in relation to a group call.

I was then asked to be intentional with what I share because I could encourage others not to show up.

I almost didn’t share what I shared because I knew how it would be responded to but I chose to anyway.

And I realized this is why so many people don’t speak their truth.

-For fear of how they will be perceived.
-For fear of how they will be judged.
-For fear of what will come next.

✨But we never will really know what will come next.✨

And I would rather speak my truth than hold it in and not speak it aloud.

If others choose to interpret what I said as permission to not show up then I believe they were looking for a reason in the first place.

Because what I say about my own personal journey is never going to affect someone else in their journey if that’s what they are committed to.

One of the things I am committed to is speaking out about rape and sexual abuse and that, no matter what, women are never to blame for what happened to them.

There is nothing anyone could say to me that I would interpret as don’t bother showing up.

I’ve been speaking my truth for years now. Not always straight away but in the end the truth is always spoken.

I’ve spent far too many years holding in every word I wanted to say out of fear.

It’s not always easy but I’ve learnt it is always worth it.

If you are new to sharing your truth start with something small.

You didn’t like that meal for example.

The more you practice the easier it will get.

And then you will be able to speak your truth and not feel attacked or afraid for how someone might respond to it.

All you can do is speak from your place of understanding and feeling and all anyone else can do is understand from their perception.

You get to choose whether you take on their perception or not.

❤️ Just stay true to yourself ❤️

Xo S

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